ELEMTURS DOOEL Skopje, Macedonia

Our company has only one goal – to provide our users with ultimate experience and enjoyment throughout the year. Guided by that mission, the capacities we have and offer are one of the most desirable and most visited destinations in Macedonia in each season. Comfort, hospitality and serviceability, as well as the strategic location, guarantee unforgettable experience and well-spent days.
Because we know that the preferences for adventure, enjoyment or simply relaxation are different, we offer a variety of destinations and services that will satisfy everyone’s taste.
Wherever you go, we guarantee you a top service, a warm welcome, loyal hosts and a wonderful atmosphere.

It’s yours only to visit us!

Enjoy Macedonia all year round!

"ELEM Tours" DOOEL is a company established on May 17, 2012 by AD "Elektrani na Makedonija", which is at the same time the sole partner of "ELEM TOURS" DOOEL.

Primary activity of "ELEM Tours" DOOEL is operation in the field of tourism, catering, recreation and sports, more precisely creating and selling tourist products that will be part of the national and regional tourist offer.

Within the company "ELEM TOURS" DOOEL SKOPJE, in addition to the Head Office in Skopje, the following subsidiaries are included:

  • Branch "Popova Shapka" (Ski Center "Popova Shapka" with the hotels "Popova Shapka" and "Slavija");
  • Branch "Molika" (Ski center "Kopanki" and hotel "Molika");
  • Subsidiary "Livadishta" (Auto-camp "Livadishta" on the shores of Ohrid Lake);
  • Accommodation capacity "Sveti Stefan" on the shores of Ohrid Lake;
  • Subsidiary "Mavrovi Anovi" (accommodation facility, former employee's resort, in Mavrovi Anovi);
  • Subsidiary "Star Dojran" (Accommodation object "Villa Tikves" on the shore of Lake Dojran and beach with summer terrace and bar);

Our vision is "ELEM TOURS" DOOEL to be a regional leader in tourism, with a main emphasis on acting in the field of recreational tourism, which in the next 10 years will turn into one of the leading companies in Southeast Europe dealing with the creation and sale of products in the area of outdoor tourism.

"ELEM Tours" DOOEL will work on the creation of a wide range of products and services in the field of outdoor tourism, which will be intended for clients on the domestic and foreign tourist markets.

The application of innovative methods and the use of rapidly adaptive processes in the creation of tourism products and content, adapted to current market trends, will be the pillar of know-how technology that will guide the company's development.

Our mission is "ELEM TOURS" DOOEL to be a recognizable brand on the tourism market, offering a large assortment of tourism products, putting special emphasis on the quality of services.

The operation of "ELEM TOURS" DOOEL will be in accordance with the general acts for the work of AD "Elektrani na Makedonija", as well as in accordance with the plans for operation of our native house and the positive legal regulations in the Republic of Macedonia.

"ELEM Tours" DOOEL will be the only business unit in which structure and functionality will be integrated all working units from the company "ELEM", which work in the field of tourism and catering and whose task will be the creation and sale of independent tourism products , as well as the shaping of tourist services and contents that will participate in the creation of complex tourist products in cooperation with other entities from the country and abroad.

"ELEM TOURS" DOOEL was established in order to be a leading national company in the field of tourism, which will take an active part in the creation of the Republic of Macedonia as a competent and competitive tourist destination, and will participate in the organization and planning of the wider tourist area, from the national borders.

"ELEM Tours" DOOEL, as the sole business unit of the parent company AD ELEM, in charge of working in the field of tourism, will integrate all the entities within the company working in the field of tourism and catering with a main emphasis on three goals:

  • Personnel staffing, primarily through re-training and retraining of existing professionals, in order to obtain highly trained professionals in the field of tourism, who will be able to respond to the challenges posed by the modern growing market.
  • Infrastructure modernization (suprastructural) of all tourist facilities, in order to adapt them to the highest world standards that are present in the types of tourist offer that the company will develop in the upcoming period. The ultimate goal of modernization is to increase the overall tourism turnover and increase profits by increasing competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness in the operation.
  • Development and implementation of new technologies in the process of creating domestic tourism products, which can competently and competitively be placed on the domestic and world markets, in order to provide long-term tourism development that will be based on the principles of sustainability and development.
Organizational structure at "ELEM TURS" DOOEL

ELEM TOURS" DOOEL - directorate

  • Branch "Popova Shapka"
  • Branch "Molika"
  • Branch "Livadishta"
  • Branch "Sveti Stefan"
  • Branch "Mavrovi Anovi"
  • Branch "Star Dojran"